Moqui marbles are also called "Shaman Stones" because of their amazing breadth of power as related to the Shamanic journey. They provide focus while opening all of the senses for Shamanic visions and revelations during your sleep cycle or meditation. The word "Moqui" (móókwi) means "the dead' in Hopi language. Natives believe their deceased ancestors returned to Earth after sundown to play with the marbles. They are used in pairs (one male, one female) to bring a balance within yourself and within your life. They keep you grounded and surrounded by life-promoting energies. Moqui marbles are protective stones that safeguard against evil energy, malicious forms of magick attack and psychic attacks. They are supportive during out of body experiences as they bring both memory retention and memory recall. They are an extraordinary stone found in the Moqui Desert towards the northern area of the Grand Canyon in Utah.

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