Muscovite helps us to see the truth in situations, other people, and ourselves. It shines an ethereal light from within which clears away the blockages and negativity in our lives and encourages us to pursue happiness and positive paths of enlightenment. Muscovite is a charming stone that offers visionary wisdom and connection with intrinsic knowledge so we can better understand our ancestry and earliest beginnings. It is also a great stone for past lives work as it channels our intuitive abilities for hearing and experiencing the messages we need for our lives.

Muscovite is a form of Mica and often appears in its natural form like flakes or layers of stone. It a stone that can be brown, green, pink, purple, silver, white, or yellow. It is often called Gold Star Muscovite, Star Muscovite, or Star Crystal.


Other information
Muscovite is a 2.5 on Mohs scale, is chemically aluminum, potassium, oxygen, hydrogen, and silicon. It is a common mineral in the mica group. It is found and mined in the US, Switzerland, Canada, and other places.


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