A crystal obelisk may be all you need to focus your energy—or to give off positive vibrations. Since the obelisks of ancient Egypt, these stone structures have intrigued us. Our tower crystals are much smaller than the stone monoliths, but they’re just as powerful. Like their ancient forebears, our gemstone towers are painstakingly created out of one gemstone. They’re available in every gemstone imaginable, as well. Transform your spaces into places that overflow with positive energy when you shop with Crystal Gemstone Shop!

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Choose Stones By Intention

Crystal obelisks are known for their healing energies and their ability to focus that energy in a variety of directions. The different shapes are responsible for an array of energies, which is why it’s important to carefully consider which obelisks you buy and display. Turn to citrine to invite success and wealth into your life. Opt for rose quartz if you want to attract romantic love or if you want to embrace self-love. Try rhodonite when you need to heal from emotional or romantic pain.

Enhance Your Space & Practice

Our tower crystals are also helpful in the practice of reiki. Because reiki depends on the channeling of energy, our obelisks are the perfect vehicle. You can easily find an obelisk for every imaginable gemstone so that you can take advantage of its healing properties.

If nothing else, our gemstone towers are gorgeous pieces of decor. After ordering a set of crystal obelisks, make sure to browse through our display stands, as well!