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Orpiment is an ancient mineral that has a primal energy that makes you feel connected to times of the past. There is a divine wisdom that comes in working with Orpiment, and it resonates with a higher vibration of energy. Working with this mineral offers you a tie to working with active, ancient energies. There is a lively connection that invigorates your mind, body, and spirit; allowing you to receive wonderful balance with the core energy of the Earth.

Orpiment is an arsenic-sulfide mineral that can range in color from golden-yellow, light-brown, and deep orange. It was a mineral traded throughout the ancient, Roman Empire, ancient China, and was known to be a favorite amongst alchemists throughout history.


Other information
Orpiment is a stone with 1.5-2 on Mohs scale and is, chemically, arsenic and sulfur. The stone may have impurities such as mercury, germanium, and antimony. Many European mines, such as French, Austrian, Czech, and Slovakian, exist. Chinese mines are not uncommon, too.


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