Pargasite is a great stone for crystal healing as it increases the flow of positive energy, encourages alignment with compassion & grace, and opens you to releasing negative blockages. Pargasite is a stone for new beginnings, and being able to work past the darker aspects of ourselves. It's a great gemstone for those embarking on a new career, a new life path, or new relationship. Pargasite reminds us to appreciate the whimsy and joy within life, and be more aware of the happiness & blessings we receive. It is a great gemstone for releasing tension and facilitating a positive, healthy flow of personal power.

Pargasite is a pastel to lime green, but can also be emerald to a dark-green, and sometimes feature brown or black coloring.


Other information
Pargasite is a stone with a 5-6 on Mohs scale, with chemical properties of calcium, aluminum, oxygen, silicon, magnesium, sodium, and hydrogen. European mines, such as France, Germany, and Austria, aren't uncommon. Though east Asian mines also exist, such as in China and Japan.


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