Peach Aventurine is a magnet for good luck, positive energy, happiness and grace.  It is a stone that connects you to the inner consciousness and allows you to hear the voice of your own intuition.  Through this stone you will delve into the deeper areas of your 3 bodies and bubble to the surface your unique gifts of self-awareness and self-empowerment.  As you work with this stone you will feel your confidence grow, your ability to communicate broaden, and your connection within the supernatural strengthen.  Peach Aventurine is a tremendous stone for those who want to activate the power of Chi (Life Energy) around them for understanding and connectivity with the greater passions in life.  As you work with and understand the stone you realize how quickly it increases your creative mind, your desire for spontaneous adventure, and your appreciation of your unique self.


Other information

This stone, made by accident, is aventurine glass with copper inclusions to give it a more distinct look. It has silicon and oxygen for the chemical properties with many eastern localities.



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