Phosphosiderite is a gemstone which is great for those who work with healing, cleansing and restorative practices. Phosphosiderite opens your mind & spirit to working with angels, spirit guides and hearing the messages of ancestors. By working with Phosphosiderite you can experience greater discovery in working with past lives; recovering memories to understand life now. This gemstone helps calm raw nerves and renews your mind, being an aid to finding clarity.

Phosphosiderite is a pale lavender stone which often features veins or flecks of gold color. Phosphosiderite is a gemstone often described in colors of pale pink, lavender, lilac, maroon, and can also be found in shades of green or completely clear.


Other information
Phosphosiderite has a 3.5-4 on Mohs scale. Made of iron, hydrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus, the stone is mined in France, Italy, Germany, Morocco, the US, and Brazil.


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