Pietersite is a gorgeous stone that holds the power of the Essential Storm of the Universe. Pietersite is also known as Tempest Stone that surrounds you with the energy of truth, honor, and wisdom. Pietersite is a shaman stone that stimulates your enlightenment and works as a conduit of supernatural power between you and the Astral Realm. Pietersite encourages the power of your Third Eye and helps you to realize your intuitive abilities. Through the shaman energies, you are capable of achieving stronger forms of meditation, telepathy, and spiritual energy. Through this gemstone, you have access to the Akashic Records and can understand more than the basic principles of mysticism. This gemstone immediately discharges all negative energy around you and will restore the unbalanced energy around you.

Pietersite is a stone of beautiful mixture of brown, red, green, blue and gold.


Other Information

This variety of chalcedony consists of silicon and oxygen. It comes in a variety of colors, with blue, gray, brown, and gold being common. This mineral is mined in Nambia and China.


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