Pink Aura Quartz | Rose Aura Quartz | Rainbow Crystal

Pink Aura Quartz | Rose Aura Quartz | Rainbow Crystal

What is Pink Aura Quartz?

Is Pink Aura Quartz natural? Is Pink Aura Quartz real? The holographic rainbow aura on these Quartz crystals does not exist in nature and all Aura Quartzes are treated stones. You will never go Quartz collecting in Arkansas, for example, and find a Pink Aura Quartz in the Earth. This is because the rainbow aura of Rainbow Quartz (and all forms of Aura coated gemstone) is applied to natural crystal using a combination of titanium dioxide and precious metals. That's why Rainbow Quartz is also called Titanium Rainbow Quartz. While the base stone itself is natural Quartz crystal, the coating that makes it shine like a rainbow in the light is a product of human ingenuity. Because of this, Rainbow Quartz can come in a wide array of colors and tones, from pastel to vibrant, and is often used in home decor or jewelry.

Pink Aura Quartz, also known as Rose Aura Quartz, Princess Aura Quartz, or Sweetheart Aura Quartz, is a variety of Rainbow Quartz whose holographic aura coating gives the gem a rosy hue. Ranging from soft pastel pink shades to vibrant neon magenta, these rainbow crystals are striking to behold.  Despite this, there is some controversy surrounding aura crystals, since some collectors view them as fake, while others incorporate them into their spiritual practice alongside other treated stones. When choosing a crystal shop, especially when buying crystals online, it's very important to select a crystal store that practices transparency regarding their treated stones. A reputable crystal shop will never suggest that Aura Quartzes came out of the Earth looking holographic!

Pink Aura Quartz Meaning and Metaphysical Properties

Pink Aura Quartz resonates strongly with the Heart Chakra, opening us to romance, positive emotions, gratitude, and passion. Known as a love stone, Pink Aura Quartz is used to support strong bonds of love and affection, which is why it is sometimes called Sweetheart Aura Quartz. For those practicing mindfulness, Pink Aura Quartz can be a strong support stone during meditation, encouraging us to be more attentive to those we love, so that we can renew the excitement and joy in our relationships. The meaning of Pink Aura Quartz is appreciation and youthful ardor, which is why it is often given as a gift between lovers or kept in the bedroom to intensify playful, romantic energies.