Pinolith is a rarity in the gem world and is a must-have for any collection. Pinolith is a filtering stone that can help you to compartmentalize the mortal thoughts of daily responsibility and obligation from the thoughts, signs and messages given to you as psychic revelations, messages from ancestors, and enlightened thoughts. Pinolith grounds you through the ancient energies of the Earth while allowing for celestial visions and revelations about your future. When you work with this stone towards goals of enlightenment Pinolith melts away the blockages that keep you from releasing your mind and allowing it to climb the ethereal ladder towards true awareness and reflection. Pinolith is a powerful and diverse stone of many supernatural abilities.

Pinolith is formed with magnetite & dolomite for its grey and black or white and black stone appearance. Pinolith is also known as Pinolite, Pine Cone Jasper, and Pine Stone.