Rubellite is the stone of love! A great gemstone for lovers, Rubellite ignites feelings of passion, desire, sexual energy and lust. The raw energy of Rubellite courses through the Root Chakra, through the Heart Chakra and out of the Crown Chakra; triggering a combined effort of these Chakras which leaves you feel energized with robust desires for love and sexual pleasure. Rubellite also touches on the sincere bonds of love within the heart and can deepen and strengthen the bonds made between people out of love. Rubellite has a naturally peaceful energy which makes you feel more relaxed and open-minded for happiness and contentment. It is also a great stone to work with when a relationship ends and you need to put past hurts behind you and move forward as Rubellite's energy comes out of love and positive energy together.

Rubellite is pink to red in hue and the transparency or saturation varies with each specimen. Rubellite is a form of pink or red tourmaline.