Silver is an incredible metal whose metaphysical properties are aligned with the Moon, which makes it an incredibly peaceful, rejuvenating and passive metal to work with. Silver facilitates psychic energy, instills love & grace from within your soul, is a natural barrier with protective energies, and promotes lucid dreaming. Working with Silver can bring prophetic visions and create a stronger alignment with your natural, psychic powers. This metal helps you to identify and work with your emotions while bringing harmony, stabilization and wisdom. Silver is a metal which reflects your thoughts, feelings, and energies from your core and acts like a mirror that will show you what you need to know about yourself at any time. Silver is considered an incredible metal to work with for healing and cleansing endeavors as its nanoparticals are antibacterial.

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver containing a high value of Silver's metaphysical properties, and is usually 7.5% Copper which brings a marriage of two, powerful metals together.

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