Speckled Jasper is not a stone for when you are serious. It is a stone for those who want to inject merriment, mirth, wonderment and youthful zeal. Speckled Jasper is the perfect stone for those who are young at heart or who want to remain young at heart. The stone is accompanied by strong vibrations that speak to your inner child. It encourages spontaneous actions, daring feats of pleasure, and feeling a deep appreciation for life. The stone makes you feel happy, whimsical, full of mirth, and ready for anything. It is a great stone for getting in touch with your childhood and memories of your youth. Sleeping with the stone can provoke long dream sequences of some of the happiest memories in your life.

Speckled Jasper is a gemstone that has colored spots. The colors of Speckled Jasper range from yellow and maroon stone, grey and red stone, red and blue stone, ivory and brown stone, brown and silver stone, and various other two-tone or three-tone hues.