Sphalerite draws all of your energy through your body to your feet and grounds you through your Root Chakra. It is the gemstone of pragmatism and logic. The metaphysical properties of sphalerite draw you into a sense of self-purpose, well-being and self-exploration. Sphalerite assists you during times of difficult change or significant life changes by promoting a healthy flow of common sense and self-preparedness. This is a great gemstone to work with if you need to be successful in more challenging transitions in life. The cleansing properties of Sphalerite provide a revitalization of your positive energy and dissolution of pessimism. When used during meditation Sphaerite's true meaning comes to life as it stimulates and brings forward all of your natural, psychic abilities.

Sphalerite may be black (Black Jack), brown, red (Ruby Jack) or yellow.

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