Spirit Quartz (Cactus Amethyst) is a gorgeous stone that has a subtle & charming lavender color. When in its presence you will feel your Crown Chakra become highly active and sensitive to everything around you. This gemstone facilitates messages between you and the spirit world; bringing messages from spirits, ancestors and spirit guides. It will help you to understand and know what messages and information are important and relate to you. Spirit Quartz naturally cleanses the aura and draws a bright and vivid energy around you all the time that repairs voids within the 3 bodies and promotes a healthy & happy environment. It inspires creative thinking coupled with logical passion so you go after the important opportunities in life and do not waste your time on less viable situations for success. If you work with spirits through Medium abilities or Necromancy Spirit Quartz is an important gemstone as it helps unbound spirits cross over to the light.

Spirit Quartz is a light purple, lavender, white or clear stone with druzy. They tend to form in cactus-like towers. The stone is usually a pale purple color and can have tan or brown deposits around the crystals. Spirit Quartz is also known as Cactus Amethyst.