Feel the beauty and spiritual properties of healing gemstones every day when you wear our brilliant crystal rings. Crystal Gemstone Shop offers sterling silver gemstone rings in a wide range of sizes, with designs that highlight the magnificence of Earth’s natural creations. We’ve sourced over 200 different gemstones to create our jewelry and bring you gorgeous pieces that are sure to stun.

Every gem we use in our gemstone jewelry is one-of-a-kind, so you’ll take home a ring that is uniquely yours. Explore our collection today and find a gemstone ring that will bring love, beauty, protection, clarity, and more into your life.

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Stunning Designs That Are Sure to Inspire

Our crystal rings are stunning creations that are sure to inspire admiration and desire. With gemstones as powerful as boulder opal and sapphire, stones with fiery expression like labradorite and star rubies, and demure stones like rose quartz and citrine, our collection offers something for all crystal and jewelry enthusiasts.

Whether you’re searching for sparkling, fashionable jewelry or gemstones with intention, these sterling silver rings with stones will delight and inspire you.

Your Trusted Source for Gemstones & Jewelry

When you order from Crystal Gemstone Shop, you get the highest-quality stone and crystal jewelry at affordable prices. We cut out the middlemen and work directly with mines and mine vendors around the world to bring you rare and extraordinary stones. 

Collectors can find exceptional specimens, while those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice will discover a wide range of healing stones and gems.

Get the Perks

In addition to sourcing high-quality gems and jewelry, we offer fun perks for our customers. You’ll get free gemstones with every purchase, free shipping over $99, and access to our exclusive Loyalty Rewards Program that will allow you to earn free stones, free shipping, and more! Shop now to bring home a new gem friend!