Tanzine Aura Quartz, or Plum Aura Quartz, is a gemstone that brings you a closer connection with the Astral Realm, Celestial Power, and your Auric Field.  If you want to feel a closer bond to the Universe this gemstone acts as a conduit between you and the cosmic energies that exist in the Astral Realm.  You will find greater favor in the ethereal and celestial work you do as this gemstone stimulates the divine power within you that brings you intrinsic knowledge and heavenly wisdom.  When kept by the bed Tanzine Aura Quartz brings powerful lucid dreams which can reveal prophetic sequences of your life in the future.  The stone also helps to dissolve the blockages from within your 3 bodies that keeps you from achieving success in this life.  It will help you to cast aside mortal triviality and embrace the higher sense of self through spiritual wisdom.  This is a multi-purpose stone of incredible power.  It is one of the more versatile of the aura quartz family of stones.