Tempest Jasper is a whirlwind of energy that comes into your life like a chaotic tornado but unlike a tornado what Tempest Jasper unearths it reorganizes. When working with this stone you can experience changes in your thought patterns and abandonment of status quo for more personalized life experience. Tempest Jasper shakes up the daily routine to make sure you are not getting into a rut, and it stimulates your creativity with hyperdrive. If you have times in your life you feel stuck, if you feel like you need a change, if you feel disorganized and lost then working with Tempest Jasper may be the whirlwind of change and chance that you need. Tempest Jasper is a force rooted in good luck, happiness, personal awareness and revitalization so it responds to every person on an individual level.

Tempest Jasper is a multi-color stone that can have hues of black, brown, silver, white and ivory. It can sometimes be accompanied by hues of pink, red or green.

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