Tiger Iron is a beautiful stone that invigorates your 3 bodies and awakens the inner warrior. If you are in need of courage, victory or stamina this is a tremendous gemstone to work with. Tiger iron promotes healthy and long-lasting changes in your life that move you towards enlightenment or goals of evolution. It will help you to make wise decisions in your personal life, help make you a leader among others, and give you the energy, humility and grace to be successful in life. You will find this gemstone resonates with you on a personal level as it stimulates your personal power and desires. If you are a dreamer this stone can motivate you to achieve your dreams and make them reality.

Tiger iron looks very similar to tiger eye or red jasper with the exception it has veins of hematite throughout the stone. It can feature hues of brown, tan, red and silver. Some specimens may be far richer in hematite with just a little tiger eye or red jasper while others may be mostly red jasper or mostly tiger eye. Each specimen's contents and saturation levels of each stone is different.