Voegesite is a stone that works with the ancient power of 3 or power trio. It aligns you with past, present and future allowing for strong visions and dreams which can connect dots for you that you prevoiusly did not realize. It works with the mind, spirit and body to draw together combined efforts for understanding, spirituality, paranormal achievement and inner realizations. The stone aids you in your work on the Astral, Earthen and Spiritual Realms so you can experience deeper and more meaningful interactions on these levels. In all things the stone works to further you awareness of self, open your mind, encourage enlightenment, and create a sense of purpose and happiness from deep within. This stone is essential for those who want to understand who they are, where they are going, and what they are meant to be. The stone works within your many layers and gives you the support and guidance that is necessary for true happiness in this life.

Voegesite is typically in hues of peach, ivory, red, black, brown, orange and maroon. Most of the time the gemstone has banded or striped markings which can be accompanied by blocks or spots of color.