Fluorite Gemstone Point Tower - Multiple Sizes!

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Stone for Universal Consciousness

 You will receive one tower in the size range you have chosen. Thickness of tower varies from specimen to specimen, ranging between 0.5" - 1.75" across.

Feeling a little stressed? It may be time to add a little rainbow fluorite to your life! Our fluorite towers help absorb and neutralize any stress or negativity that’s been plaguing your days. Simply add it to your office or your favorite study spot to experience an increase in concentration, decision-making, and self-confidence.

    Embrace the Bold Beauty of Fluorite


    Rainbow fluorite is unlike any other gemstone in terms of raw power. This stone is said to surround the owner with a unique protective aura while also drawing out their natural powers. That’s because working with this stone activates every single Chakra, creating a higher feeling of purpose inside the individual.

    With this stone, don’t be surprised if your mind feels more stimulated or if you begin to experience a greater sense of clarity—particularly when you’re seeking out messages from the Universe. This stone also promotes balance and harmony, working to keep you motivated as your life moves in a more positive direction.

    Gem Lovers Choose Crystal Gemstone Shop


    At Crystal Gemstone Shop, we’re honored to offer extraordinary natural and manmade stones, along with other metaphysical goods such as crystal jewelry and sculptures.

    All of our stones are hand-picked: one person picks every order by hand with a focus on selecting only the best specimens. Then, a second individual double-checks the orders before they go out. As a result, you can be confident that you’ll receive high-quality products from us every time.

    Shop now to purchase your favorite gemstone products and enjoy their many potential benefits today! 

    Fluorite Towers | Pretty Points

    Fluorite crystal points remain popular for a reason. Fluorite has always been a pretty stone and that's not going to change soon. Don't miss out, add more to your gemstone decor today! Keep your eye on these fluorite points.

    Discover More Crystal Towers

    At Crystal Gemstone Shop, we love making a point. We have no shortage of crystal towers and points ready for you. Discover more!

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    I can’t tell you if I like or dislike your product because my app shows it was delivered but not to me please send me a refund

    Hi there, Cindy
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    So cute!!

    Fluorite is one of my favorites, and this tiny tower is so cute!! It’s perfect for travel and carrying in a purse. So pretty too.

    Hollie Sutton

    Fluorite Gemstone Point Tower - Multiple Sizes!

    S Rhoades
    Beautiful colorful fluorite tower

    This tower was my first purchase and it is absolutely lovely; filled with hues of purple, green, blue, and clear. The point is sharp and the entire tower was precisely cut. I am very pleased with this purchase, and will definitely become a repeat customer!

    Marley Hodkiewicz
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