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Our Peach Moonstone crystals are a wonderful addition to any collection of tumbled stones, whether you want to use them as a fidget item, for meditation, use one as an altar stone, or add them to a crystal grid. Their rich caramel color, sometimes mixed with hints of Black Moonstone, makes these Peach Moonstone gems a favorite. As a gemstone of the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, Peach Moonstone is perfect for anyone looking to hone their spiritual awareness, psychic power, and self empowerment.

Peach Moonstone is all about encouragement and self love, reminding us to look after our personal needs. Promoting a strong, healthy aura, Peach Moonstone instills gratitude for our blessings, healthy boundaries, and a dose of self care.

Tumbled stones and polished crystals are an amazing way to carry the positive energies of Mother Earth with you throughout your day. Easily carried in a pocket or pouch, polished stones can be used as a spiritual conduit or a fidget item to reduce anxiety. Try wire wrapping your tumbled crystals or add them to a cage pendant to create unique jewelry to suit your specific spiritual needs. Add them to your altar, crystal grid, or spell jar as part of your rituals. They can even be used as regular home decor when placed in a vase, shell, or decorative bowl. Tumbled stones make unique gifts for friends and family, as the metaphysical properties of each crystal convey their own message to the recipient.

Product Information:
These Peach Moonstone tumbled stones measure approximately 0.6 - 1.1 Inch long.
They are freeform tumbled stones, and come in a variety of shapes.

These polished stones are made of natural crystals and may feature natural internal fractures, small dips, or inclusions consistent with the growth pattern of the stone. Peach Moonstone may feature pale peach coloration or deep caramel, and may exhibit inclusions of Black Moonstone as well.

Most stones in this batch are a deep caramel shade.

Crystals and gemstones are nature's true beauties, but they are not a substitute for seeking professional medical, legal, health, or financial advice.  Crystals and gemstones are to be used in conjunction with any professional care you are receiving and do not provide healing, cures, or other remedies modern medicine can provide.  The information provided in our listings with regard to the powers of crystals and gemstones are all derived from personal & professional experience with crystals & gems as well as ancient wisdom and texts documenting knowledge gained from civilizations around the world.  They are not backed by the FDA or scientific/government resources.  Our crystals & gemstones are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or malady.  Our crystals and gemstones are also not a replacement for seeking professional legal advice, financial advising, or any other field of professional expertise.  Crystals and gemstones are intended to be appreciated for their natural power and beauty, and used alongside modern, professional methods.

Products sold by Crystal Gemstone Shop are intended for adult collectors of crystals and gemstones; children should only work with crystals and gemstones with adult supervision.

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I always have to order at least one!

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Owl Wheat
Peachy peach stone

Amazing! Peach moonstone! Cool lookin color! Fun shape and size!

Andre Walden
My peach moonstone

Talking a bout a stone that bring out that self care and self love thus is the stone. It is beautiful and I can feel it's energy so good. I love pairing it with rainbow moonstone.

Chelcea Montgomery

Its amazing I loved it looks just like the picture thank you guys

Amber Estes

Beautiful stone! Will be buying more