Taurus Zodiac Crystal Gift Set - Tumbled Stones, Selenite Ruler, & Constellation Necklace

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Our Taurus Zodiac Crystal Gift Set is the perfect present for the hardworking and dependable Taurus in your life. The Gift Set comes with four intuitively chosen tumbled stones, a Selenite ruler, and a Taurus constellation necklace to bring joy and comfort to your favorite witchy Earth sign, whether it's yourself or friends and family. 

This gemstone kit contains the essentials for helping those born under the Taurus zodiac connect with their birth-related spiritual gifts, overcome obstacles common to their star sign, and promote joyful acceptance of and appreciation for the traits that make them who they are.

Taurus Zodiac Crystal Gift Set
Taurus - (April 20 - May 20)
Earth Sign - Ruling Planet: Venus

This four-stone polished crystal set is perfect for helping the steady Taurus signs in your life achieve success, enjoy stress relief, and maintain their patience. Each tumbled stone is chosen intuitively to benefit Taurus' logical mind and help them stay determined day to day. Keep these polished stones by your bedside, use them in crystal grids, add them to your altar, or display them in your crystal collection and engage in some well deserved self-care!

Product Information:
In this set, you will receive: 
  • 1 Selenite Charging Plate measuring approximately 5.5 - 6 Inches long.
  • 1 Sterling Silver Constellation Necklace in the finish of your choosing.
  • 4 Intuitively Selected Tumbled Stones and Carrying Pouch

    Intuitively Selected Tumbled Stones are chosen from the list below and are not subject to request. Stones measure approximately 0.4 - 1 Inch long and may feature natural internal fractures or inclusions inherent to the growth patterns of the stone. 

    Photo indicates an example of stone types that may be used, but does not indicate the full range. Please see the list below for the stones which may be featured in your set. Stones are intuitively chosen based on availability and are not subject to request.

    Gemstone List:

    Four (4) tumbled or raw stones from the list below will be chosen intuitively for your set, based on their availability!

    Black Tourmaline




    Fancy Jasper

    Lapis Lazuli

    Lava Stone

    Moss Agate

    Red Jasper

    Rose Quartz




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    Absolutely beautiful necklace and stones!

    Gennifer Hoegen
    Lovely little kit

    I recently moved and bought this for my new desk space. Nicely made and looks great. Would have given 5 stars, but only complaint is the Carnelian stone chosen for the kit is super round so it likes to do its own exploring about my room.

    Love it

    Great quality! That is why I keep coming back. Thanks 🙏 The gift was great too.

    Francisca Estrella

    I love my pieces!!!! I am obsessed. I sent information to my sister so she can also enjoy her crystals

    Judith Peterson
    Taurus Energy

    Love my order.... beautiful