Ammonite Pair Gemstone Natural Fossil

Metaphysical Properties, Uses & Meaning of Ammonite

Stone of Accepting Change in Life

Ammonites and Goniatites are fossils of the Cretaceous period, holding energies for more than 370 million years! The level of grounding & Earthen energy found within these fossils is absolutely off the charts. If you wan to work with something that can quickly ground you to the Earth's core energy you need look no further. They are the essential epitome of what the Earth can provide in natural healing & cleansing energies. In working with the Goniatites and Ammonites you quickly find yourself in the company of a fossil that will help guide you through transitional periods or times in your life of great change with a positive motivation. They are natural filters that draw away the negative doubts & fears that crop up within you and instill a positive thought process grounded in the nurturing nature of the Earth. There is a resounding presence of the creationary energies and Chi within each fossil. You will find yourself surrounded in a field of energetic energy that leaves you feeling happily a part of your life while attracting success, power, hope and abundance.

You will receive one pair of Ammonite fossils in the size range that you have chosen.

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Customer Reviews

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Leslee Young Ramirez
Nature's Beauty

I am delighted in these stones, I can see the beautiful swirls that time and nature created. Simply lovely.

Tonda Hanson
Natures Gems:

Beautiful, better than I ever expected.Not my last purchase!

Stephany Satoski

Ammonite Pair Gemstone Fossil

Elizabeth Chapman
Amazing Products

I received my Ammonite Pair Gemstones and they look and feel amazing. The energy is wonderful and you can tell they were prepared and shipped with the greatest care. Great touch to receive a card tucked in my package telling me the name of the person who packed them

Tiffany Benson
Ammonite Pair

I love them!! Very beautiful!