Angel Aura Quartz Gemstone Sphere Orb Marble - B-Grade - 20-29mm

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Angel Aura Quartz

Stone of Ethereal Power

Angel Aura Quartz radiates with a tender and ethereal energy that fills you from soul to spirit. With angelic grace it carresses you with celestial power that encourages connection with your angelic guides. The gemstone speaks to your supernatural abilities on a personal level and will help you to uncover and recover the paranormal gifts you earned in past lives. The stone works well with all Chakras as well as your Aura for cleansing and restoration. It will amplify all cleansing and healing energies which are around you and can help them to penetrate deeply into your 3 bodies for the ultimate balance in your life. If you wish to find solidarity and harmony in all areas of your life you will find this be a delightful and energizing gemstone. If you want to work with a gemstone that embodies peace, love, happiness and self-confidence Angel Aura Quartz will whisk you away into a Realm of gossamer wings and stardust.

Aura Quartzes of any kind are a natural quartz base treated with titanium dioxide in order to create a beautiful iridescent shine. While this nearly-holographic gleam is not found in nature, they are a testament to human creativity and make beautiful gifts!

You will receive one stone, approximately 20mm-29mm. These orbs are B-Grade and may feature visible inclusions within or texture from the Quartz beneath the Angel Aura or imperfections in the Aura coating.

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Customer Reviews

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Carmel Kelly
Love it!

I am beyond a happy customer... beautiful Crystal with incredible energy!

Ramona Padilla

Angel Aura Quartz Gemstone Sphere Orb Marble 20-29mm

Necia Horrocks

Awesome stones

Angela Eide
Glowing Energy

Just beautiful. You guys do such a good job packing everything. It shows you care and you take pride in this company. It's such a beautiful thing you got going.

Sue Russo
Beautiful Angel Aura Sphere

This would be the second time I've ordered from the Crystal Gemstone Shop and will not be my last. Every piece I've received was just as lovely as described. I'm definitely excited to order again in the future :)