Angel Phantom Quartz Tumbled Polished Gemstone - Amphibole

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning, and Uses of Angel Phantom Quartz

The Guardian Angels of Rock

The metaphysical properties of Angel Phantom Quartz (also known as Amphibole) are quite alive; it is a powerful stone which aligns you with the Angelic forces of the Universe. Through work with this stone you can become more greatly in tune with your Guardian Angels and be more acutely aware of the presence of spirit guides and ancestors. This stone will open your Crown Chakra and Third Eye and open your ability to Channel and work with ethereal entities, spirits and energies.

You will receive 1 angel phantom quartz, approximately 1.2"-2.2" on the longest side.  These are large chunks that have been polished.

Other information
These are stones with their own artificial treatments, varying from specimen to specimen. Without such treatments, they are not different from quartz. Its simple chemical composition is oxygen and silicon, but there is plenty of room for impurities. The stone itself can be found in many places all over the world.

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Customer Reviews

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William Inlow
Angel Phantom Quartz

Aptly named - fascinating stone. Seems I see new things in it every time I pick it up.

Joy Benton
Angel phantom Quartz

It was more than I expected. It was polished clear with beautiful design. Eyestalks Gemstones finds beautiful stones!
Thank you so much

Anthony McCarthy
Delayed Shipping

It took 2 weeks to receive my order but it was the post’s fault, great customer service and products, just very delayed shipping due to corona virus.

Summer Gaggley

Angel Phantom Quartz Tumbled Polished Gemstone - Amphibole

Karl Hance

Angel Phantom Quartz Tumbled Polished Gemstone - Amphibole