Angelite Tumbled Polished Gemstone - 0.6" - 1"

Metaphysical Properties of Angelite

Stone of Ethereal Power

Angelite is a beautiful gemstone that resonates with ethereal power. The stone reveals your true state of awareness and the celestial consciousness through which you connect and work with other realms. If you work with Angels, spirit guides or healing practices Angelite can be a powerful tool for you in all your endeavors. When you work with Angelite it promotes a core truth of self and everything around you. It thrives in positive energy and will surround you with a halo of positive power. The more you work with the gemstone the more you connect and bond with the Astral Realm. You should use Angelite when you want to improve areas of your life or when you want to receive the visions and messages of spirit guides and angelic beings.

You will receive one stone between 0.6"- 1" on the longest side.

Other Information
A type of anhydrite, angelite is mostly found in Peru. Its chemical makeup is mostly oxygen, silicon, and calcium.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Jessica B.

I wasn’t expecting such a beautiful little stone. Such a vibrant shade of blue, and absolutely beautiful in the sunshine.

Tessa Federovich

im carrying this with me everywhere, my go to favorite

Brandon Rushing
Tumbled Angelite

I liked this stone so much I needed a portable one. The one I got looks very reminiscent of a pyramid. I’m very happy with it.

Ashnee P
Beautiful gemstone.

Beyond expectations! The stone is a beautiful blue. This company is amazing. I am so happy with every purchase.

William Inlow

One of the mist calming stones I own. Combined with Angel Aura Quartz and Phantom Quartz the Angels do draw closer.
The knowing is in the doing. Try it.