Apophyllite & Stilbite Gemstone Natural Cluster - Multiple Sizes!

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Metaphysical Properties, Uses & Meaning of Apophyllite

Stone for Personal Visions

Apophyllite is a conduit gemstone that brings meaning to your life in many ways. This gemstone will connect you to your spirit guides and open the path for you to understand and reach new levels of meditation and psychic intuition. Through this gemstone you will activate and stimulate your Third Eye which allows for richer and more personal visions. The metaphysical and healing properties of Apophyllite enhance your natural gifts and open you to forgiveness and resolution of troubles in life. Apophyllite will clear negativity from your life and attract prosperity and good luck.

Apophyllite is a pale green gemstone that can be translucent and nearly clear. It is a cluster gemstone that grows with points.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses & Meaning of Stilbite

Stone for Connecting with the Universe

Stilbite is a gemstone for promoting psychic knowledge and wisdom. It increases your intuitive abilities and helps you to pinpoint the psychic gifts from within. Stilbite fosters psychic visions and intuitive messages from the Universe and can provide profound direction and assistance in seeing the future. Stilbite helps you to settle your inner conflicts and recognize the strengths and positive support you have within your life. This is a magnificent gemstone to work with if you want to strengthen your psychic powers and help them evolve into something greater.

You will receive one specimen of your chosen size.

No two are exactly the same! Each specimen is unique, and some may contain more Stilbite, or more Apophyllite. Some specimens may also include Heulandite. If you have a preference, please specify in the customer notes so that we can meet your needs as closely as our stock will allow!

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Customer Reviews

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I was surprised by the stone I received as it doesn't look like the photos - but it is still a beautiful stone I've never seen before, so I'm very happy with it. Very decent sized.


My picture doesn't even come close to how beautiful this is! It just shimmers in the light and is so gorgeous. Thank you so much!

Addy Lubowitz
wonderful & just as ordered! (plus i got a...

wonderful & just as ordered! (plus i got a few freebies!)

Stacey Zboncak
This stone was not as I expected... it was...

This stone was not as I expected... it was so much more! The pictures of the stones in the listing don't compare to what was sent! Just look for yourself, as a picture is worth a 1000 words. Many blessings!