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Pale Aquamarine Natural Tumbled Polished Freeform Gemstone - Small

Pale Aquamarine Natural Tumbled Freeform Gemstone - Single Stone or Bulk Wholesale Lots

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Add this tumbled Aquamarine to your favorite cage pendant, use one in a spell jar, or bring it with you daily as a focal item for meditation. Aquamarine is a crystal of the water element, encouraging peace, communication, and intuition. Those working with the Third Eye and Throat Chakra will find Aquamarine resonates with both beautifully.

Product Information:
These tumbled freeform Aquamarine measures approximately 0.3" - 0.6" long.

Specimens are natural materials and may feature dips, internal fractures, inclusions, rough spots, and irregular shaping consistent with the growth patterns of the stone. Coloration varies from stone to stone. These are pale specimens and do not exhibit bright blue color.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, & Meaning of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a peaceful gemstone that instills a sense of calm, peace, tranquility, and harmony from within the soul. It is a gemstone that brings us focus in life and helps us to achieve our goals, earn respect, and emanate a regal bearing. Aquamarine is a gemstone revered in ancient times for its ability to facilitate psychic powers and to bring protection. This gemstone is the stone worn and used by prophets, shamans, healers, and mystics of the ancient worlds. Aquamarine provides a natural connection to the Moon and the ethereal influences of the world. Working with Aquamarine aligns us with the powers of the Water Elements and helps us to work with the powers of the oceans, imparting all of its spiritual healing to our efforts. Aquamarine is the stone of clarity and communication, inspiring us to express ourselves with honesty and to honor our truest intentions.

Aquamarine Properties
Aquamarine is also known as the sea crystal or sea stone. It is the blue variety of the Beryl family of gemstones. Emerald is the green Beryl, Heliodor is the gold Beryl, Goshenite is the clear Beryl, Morganite is the pink Beryl, and Bixbite is the red variety.

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Specimens are natural materials and stones may feature natural internal fractures, dips, caverns, or inclusions consistent with the growth pattern of the stone. Coloration varies from specimen to specimen.Photos indicate the type, style, material, and quality range of the item. The exact specimens shown in photos may no longer be available.

Customer Reviews

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Grievous color and size

I think the photo speaks for itslef

Haley T
Beautiful stone!

I'm very impressed by the quality of crystals I got from this shop, I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd never bought stones online before but I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely everything I got was, including the surprise gift!

Schayla Burnett

I bought a small one. But i will be buying a large one in the future. Beautiful.

Kara Carlisle

Aquamarine Green Beryl Tumbled - SMALL - Polished Gemstone

Anthony Colon

Love this stone so much. I can feel the changes. Good vibes for sure