Asterite Serpentine Stone Natural Gemstone Tumbled Crystal

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These delightfully patterned tumbled stones are natural Asterite Serpentine, a gemstone comprised of several serpentinized minerals, resulting in a unique crackled look. With their play of light and dark green shades, each Asterite Serpentine stone has its own beguiling style. Perfect for crystal grids, fidgeting, jewelry projects, or meditation, our Asterite Serpentine tumbled stones make a great addition to any crystal collection.

The Asterite Serpentine stone is a formidable gem with beneficial properties for the entire Chakral Column, but it resonates most potently with the Root Chakra, Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra. Known as a crystal for emotional balance, self empowerment, spiritual growth, and heightened intuition, Asterite Serpentine is often used in emotional healing, memory recall, Astral work, and divination. The meaning of Asterite Serpentine is supreme enlightenment, since this gemstone is considered extremely beneficial for embodying the Higher Self, building self confidence and love, and expanding one's awareness of the divine. When given as a gift, Asterite is wonderful for conveying blessings and messages of support.

Asterite Serpentine is a natural variety of Serpentine stone known for its crackled appearance. These unique patterns form due to the interplay of Serpentine Group phyllosilicate minerals such as Amesite, Lizardite, Chrysotile, or Antigorite. These are formed by Serpentinization, a hydration and metamorphic transformation, of ferromagnesian silicate minerals, such as Olivine and Pyroxene. What does this mean for Asterite Serpentine? It means that the gemstone we know and love is a combination of many minerals, with its dark crackles typically being darker shades of Antigorite Serpentine, while its lighter portions are usually Amesite and Lizardite.

How to Cleanse Asterite Serpentine
We always suggest charging and cleansing gemstones using a Selenite tile or Full Moonlight exposure, since these methods will not cause damage to any of your stones. However, Smoke Cleansing with Sage, Palo Santo, Incense, or dried herbs is another safe way to spiritually cleanse your Asterite Serpentine. Since Asterite is a combination of multiple serpentinized minerals, its Mohs hardness level can vary quite a bit, from approximately 2.5 to 6. For this reason, we cannot advise water cleansing for this stone. While a short dip or wiping with a wet cloth will not destroy your Asterite Serpentine, long-term submersion will further soften the stone, making it susceptible to cracking or scratches.

Product Information:
You will receive one Asterite Serpentine tumbled stone measuring approximately 0.5 - 1 inch long. These tumbled stones are natural Asterite Serpentine, and will vary in shape and coloration as photographed. They may feature small spots of texture, depending on the growth patterns of the gemstone.

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Owl Wheat
Looks like a snake!

I love this rock! Looks like a snake! Amazing size and colors!

A true gift

Besides loving the color and texture, the feeling i get with asterite is out of this world!


When opening up to Asterite, I want to hop right out, so working with it slowly at first is better - for me anyway. It has a protective feel, which is great. I feel the vibrational energy of different stones very acutely, and this is one to ease into. AMAZING energy and beautiful stone!

Jennifer Bliss

LOVED the deep green mossy color and nifty pattern in this one. ANOTHER FAVORITE!