Aura Quartz Point - Undrilled

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Color Lime Aura Quartz

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Metaphysical Properties of Aura Quartz

You will receive one gemstone aura quartz point. We have many colors available. Each is unique and they range in size from .75"- 2.25" long.

Metaphysical Properties of Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz brings the tides of the soothing waves of the Universe with it through its Caribbean hues. It is a tremendous stone for those who like to work with healing as Aqua Aura Quartz promotes a healthy environment and will bring a soothing surround for raw nerves and overactive minds. The stone protects against the malicious acts of others like psychic attacks, energy vampirism, influencing of the mind and general negativity. For those who want a closer and more productive relationship with the Water Element you will find Aqua Aura Quartz carves a path of self-awareness and motivation for self-evolution. It is a great gemstone to open the door for self-expression and investing in your own happiness through all paths of life.

Lime Aura Quartz

Lime Aura Quartz, or Apple Aura Quartz, is gemstone that brings you a close and mystical connection to Mother Earth. Through the stone you feel a far more enriching relationship with the Earthen Element and the grounding force it brings in your life. Lime Aura Quartz is a natural barrier between you and energy parasites; like psychic vampirism. It is a field of positive-promoting energy that will inspire you to learn and discover more about your 3 bodies and your spiritual power. With this gemstone as a conduit for metaphysical power you are able to reprogram yourself away from bad behaviors and discover balance within your mind, spirit and body for the best paths of success.

Pink Aura Quartz

Pink Aura Quartz, or Rose Aura Quartz, is a gemstone that promotes love, romance and grace from within. The gemstone is a conduit between you and the powerful force of Universal Love. Through this origin source of the power of love you learn to love yourself (first and foremost) and you learn to love others with the kind of deep sincerity and wisdom that accompanies lasting relationships in life. Pink Aura Quartz will help you to calm your anxiety, listen to your instincts, gift you grace and poise, and stimulate the Heart Chakra for personal visions and clarity with life. This is an uplifting and wondrously positive, emotional gemstone.

Metaphysical Properties of Tanzine Aura Quartz

Tanzine Aura Quartz, or Plum Aura Quartz, is a gemstone that brings you a closer connection with the Astral Realm, Celestial Power, and your Auric Field. If you want to feel a closer bond to the Universe this gemstone acts as a conduit between you and the cosmic energies that exist in the Astral Realm. You will find greater favor in the ethereal and celestial work you do as this gemstone stimulates the divine power within you that brings you intrinsic knowledge and heavenly wisdom. When kept by the bed Tanzine Aura Quartz brings powerful lucid dreams which can reveal prophetic sequences of your life in the future. The stone also helps to dissolve the blockages from within your 3 bodies that keeps you from achieving success in this life. It will help you to cast aside mortal triviality and embrace the higher sense of self through spiritual wisdom. This is a multi-purpose stone of incredible power. It is one of the more versatile of the aura quartz family of stones. 

Tangerine Aura Quartz

Tangerine aura quartz is your gateway to spiritual discovery and exploration. It is a stone you can meditate, wear and work with that brings out your natural connection and bond with the Spiritual Realm. With this gemstone you can discover greater paths about yourself and your future. The power of the stone clears negative energy and dissolves cloud energy that causes bad moods. The luminescent powers of the stone gives off a stabilizing energy that makes you feel more at ease and comfortable with your surroundings. It is a great stone for adaptation to change. With tangerine aura quartz you form a tighter bond between your 3 bodies for inter-communication and interaction. You will find your bodies engage one another at a higher rate of power. The stone clears blockages from your Third Eye and lifts restrictions within your Third Eye for receiving prophetic visions. When you work with tangerine aura quartz it will activate all of your DNA bringing forward your paranormal DNA for change and morphing within your daily life. The stone brings courage, bravery and endurance for victory in difficult situations; making it a precious resource for those going through any psychic or emotional trauma.

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Love it!


The “aqua” stone I received was gorgeous and a really good size as well. I will purchase others soon.


The “aqua” stone I received was gorgeous and a really good size as well. I will purchase others soon.

Katie Lemke
Perfect! Amazing, and thank you for the gi...

Perfect! Amazing, and thank you for the gifts!

Sonya Digiacomo

The lime aura help a lot with my connection to nature and the earth. I plan on getting more soon!!