Black Agate Tumbled Polished Gemstone

Stone for Dissolving Negativity

If you’re struggling with grief and negativity, a black agate stone may be what you need. This grounding and protective crystal is said to impart peace during moments of hardship. It won’t push your pain away, but it may give you the power to overcome your grief with inner strength. Both you and your household may experience peace in the midst of turmoil when this stone enters the environment.

When you purchase this stone from Crystal Gemstone Shop, you’ll receive one tumbled gemstone that is about 0.9” to 1.5” in size.

Find Peace in Chaos

Black agate’s meaning is powerful, providing the user with the tools to dissolve and obliterate negativity. If you need to develop healthier thought processes, this stone may put you on the path to greater clarity and less confusion. Likewise, it has the potential to help the user make decisions and commitments more easily. As a result, you may find yourself more dedicated to your chosen personal path.

All in all, this stone promotes feelings of forgiveness, togetherness, and oneness during the most tumultuous periods of life. On top of this, it enhances insight and inner reflection, allowing you to explore your inner world with clarity and focus.

Your One-Stop-Shop for the Best Stones

At Crystal Gemstone Shop, we are honored to offer the best gemstones from mines throughout the world. Each of our orders is hand-picked and double-checked by experts to ensure their consistency and quality. 

We also use minimal plastic in our packaging (e.g., only bubble wrap, plastic bubble mailers, and plastic bags for free gifts) to help to protect our environment. We, in fact, reduced our plastic use by 90% years ago to commit to contributing to a more earth-friendly environment.

Contact us to learn more about our various gemstones, including a range of agate stones, and how they may help you to feel empowered in the years ahead.

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emma wallaceJim
Best Gemstones Ever

I love my gemstones, I was so excited to received them. I carries the gemstones with me everyday and sleep with them under my pillow in a small ziplocked pouch. Thank you so much.


Love the crystals from this site