Black Onyx Polished Tumbled Gemstone - Stone of Focus and Calm - [ 0.5" - 1" ]

Metaphysical Properties, Uses & Meaning of Onyx

Onyx is a stone heralded in ancient civilizations for its presence of power and ability to influence and sway the energy of those around it. It has been used in ceremonies and castings related to absorbing and filtering negative energy while also keeping the mind focused and sharp to achieve the experience & results desired. It is a very active stone that can provide support as needed or can bring with it a great calm that settles nerves & an overactive mind. Onyx is a royal stone; used throughout time by royalty & nobility as a sign of prestige and power. It was used to create works of art through carvings, as embodiment and offerings of the gods, and was revered for sculpting to capture the likeness of heroes and gods. It has been used in application of jewelry, armory, ritual tools, seals and amulets of power by the ancient Romans and Greeks. It is an intriguing stone that can lead you into seizing and achieving your destiny.

You will receive one Black Onyx stone between 0.5" - 1"  Some stones may have lighter banding, while remaining primarily black.

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Always happy with the stones from here! 💗

Ashnee P
Black onyx

Beautiful, exquisite stone


This is gorgeous

Laura Black
Black Onyx

I purchased a lot of the "black stones" this last order and I always get them mixed up ! The black Onyx was great for it had a small white splash whick helps to identify.
I love Crystal Gemstone Shop... The owners/staff are fantastic and send your order in a timely manner as well as great presentation and literature for review !! CGS is at the head of the line and a favorite crystal shop of mine! Always recommend....

Beautiful & Excellent quality

As always, the quality, size and description are on point