Black Tourmaline Crescent Moon Gemstone Pendant Necklace

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Our Black Tourmaline crescent moon necklace combines the beauty of a raw crystal with the iconic symbol of the moon. Whether you are looking for a Root Chakra crystal to wear or are a lover of celestial jewelry, this adorable gemstone pendant is the right choice. With a dainty, dangly Black Tourmaline and its filigree pattern, this crystal pendant is a popular and charming addition to any jewelry box.

Black Tourmaline is considered a gemstone of protection, luck, and emotional healing, helping us to remain grounded and centers through tumultuous times so that we can build success and happiness for ourselves. Wear Black Tourmaline if you want to insulate yourself from ambient negative energy and stay focused on the blessings that surround you.

Product Information:  
You will receive one Crescent Moon Pendant measuring approximately 1.3 - 1.5 inch long with a slightly adjustable nylon cord measuring approximately 18 inches, so that it's ready to wear as a necklace.
These Crescent Moon pendants feature a dainty piece of raw Black Tourmaline which will vary in shape and size slightly.. Photos show multiple pendants in order to display the range of coloration, shape, and inclusion found in natural gemstones.

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Customer Reviews

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You know? I really love this shop and they’ve never disappointed me before. Up until my last order, unfortunately. I only got 2 items, one of them being a necklace. I only got to wear it for 15 minutes before it just broke and fell off of my neck. I understand it’s not a super expensive necklace, but I have Shein jewelry that has never broke and this necklace did within minutes because of how cheaply made the chain was, and I think that really says something. I’ll still buy from here but probably not any jewelry as it doesn’t seem to be able to be trusted, sadly.

Hi there, could you please reach out to us through email with more information about how the necklace broke? This item comes with a nylon cord rather than a chain, and I have stress tested the cords on the remaining pendants in stock but have not been able to break them without extreme force. With more information, I'm sure I can assist you. :) We're always happy to help if you reach out to us.


EDIT: Received your email regarding the extender on your nylon cord. I understand that you don't have any additional information about how the extender broke, but I have relayed that we're happy to send a replacement cord if you'd like one. That way you can still wear and enjoy the pendant, since it's still quite lovely. :)


Love it so cute glad I made the purchase.

Miriam Flores
So cute!

Love these beautiful necklaces I’m riled by the moon and love anything and everything moon design and love the crystals they come with. Very happy with my purchase.