Blue Apatite Rough Raw Gemstone


Metaphysical Properties, Meaning And Uses of Blue Apatite

Stone for the Spiritual

Awaken your mind to spiritual realities with the blue apatite stone. This striking raw apatite stone features a dusky blue color and a rough, organic texture. Collectors, decorators, and spiritual practitioners alike will enjoy this beautiful blue gemstone. 

These are powerful stones that bridge the gap between your mind and the spiritual world. Experience a new, deeper connection between your mental power and mystic energies. Raw apatite is a source of spiritual power and wisdom which continually promotes positive thinking, increased motivation, and understanding of your mortal and immortal boundaries. 

As a facilitator of the Throat Chakra, this stone promotes good communication and works to manifest truth and sensitivity within your body, mind, and spirit. It encourages you to be honest with yourself and others, speak truth, and express yourself. You may even feel yourself overcoming shyness and insecurity as you use it with your Throat Chakra.

Compositional Information

Blue apatite stones form a hexagonal crystal structure and range in color from muted to brilliant blue. Also known as fluorapatite, apatite is mostly composed of calcium phosphate, but also includes oxygen and fluorine. In addition to blue apatite, you can also find green, pink, brown, and yellow apatite

You will receive the size and style of your choice, approximately (on the longest side):

  • Single Stone: 1" - 1.75"
  • 3 Mini Stones: 0.4" to 1"

If you’re looking to add to your crystal collection or elevate your spiritual healing, you’ve come to the right place. Crystal Gemstone Shop offers the highest-quality gemstones, hand-picked with intuition. Order your raw apatite today and enjoy a free gift with your purchase!


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this is the cutest shop and i have bought so many beautiful crystals from them. 10/10 recommend!!!!

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It’s beautiful! And it’s a lot bigger than I thought too! When my mom saw it, she loved it so much, she bought herself one too lol

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soo pretty!

loved them so much, the stones are so vibrant and beautiful!

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Blue Apatite

Very pleased!

blue apatite

beautiful crystals and great quality