Multi Blue Tigers Eye Crystal Natural Gemstone Tumbled Stone

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We love a good Tiger Eye stone, and we love them even better when they have a splash of blue! These lovely, freeform tumbled crystals feature a mix of Blue Tigers Eye and Gold Tigers Eye, giving them a beguiling gleam. Blue Tiger Eye gemstones make great gifts for crystal collectors because this variation of the stone offers different metaphysical properties than its golden version!

Blue Tigers Eye crystal is a natural gemstone formed by tiny strands of Crocidolite (a fibrous form of Riebeckite) intergrown with Quartz crystal. The presence of these minute Amphibole fibers, in addition to their positioning within the Quartz structure, results in the beautiful sheen we know as chatoyancy. It is the Crocidolite that provides the color and shine for Blue Tigers Eye, offering a range of shades from grey-blue to a deep blue that's almost black, while Limonite provides the color and gleam of Golden Tigers Eye.

Blue Tiger Eye crystal resonates with the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra and is associated with the elements of Water and Air. Used as a focus stone for all forms of mancy, divination, psychic endeavors, and Astral work, Blue Tigers Eye is known as a gem of mental clarity, tranquility, and guidance. The meaning of Blue Tigers Eye is keeping the mind open and peaceful, since it is known for quelling tempers, quieting negative thoughts, and facilitating diplomatic communication in tense circumstances.

How to Cleanse Blue Tigers Eye

We always advise the use of a Selenite tile or bowl, or Full Moonlight, for charging and cleansing crystals since these methods are not harmful for any gems. Smoke Cleansing with Sage, Incense, or dried herbs is safe for your Blue Tiger Eye crystal, as is cleansing via the Dry Salt Bath method. Since Blue Tigers Eye is a gemstone comprised of Quartz and a variety of Amphibole minerals, the Mohs hardness of this gem can vary depending on the rate of encapsulation, ranging from approximately 5 to 7. Light dips in water or washing with a wet cloth are safe for this stone, but as with many gems, we tend to advise against long-term submersion. We also advise against long-term Sunlight cleansing and charging your Blue Tigers Eye, as prolonged UV exposure can cause the colors of some Amphibole minerals to change or lighten over time, and these minerals are what give Blue Tiger Eye its color.

Product Information:
You will receive one Multi Blue Tigers Eye tumbled stone measuring approximately 0.5 - 1 Inch long. These stones as natural crystals and may feature Golden Tiger Eye mixed with Blue Tiger Eye, as well as inclusions of Hematite or Tiger Jasper.

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Owl Wheat
Tiger eye

Again, a fellow tiger eye lover, who has bought 8 more! Amazing then and amazing now, thank you!!

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Owl Wheat
Blues tiger eye!

Great tiger eyes! Blue and a litttle small but great for the stone! When you flash a light blue would be shined. Love it!


Tiger eye is my top favorite stone, and getting it in different colors? Uh yes pleaseeee! Very smooth and I love them.


Amazing color

Donna Smith
Beautiful vibrant stones

These are one of my favorite stones. I'm always happy with the quality I get from this shop. These stones were gorgeous - the pic doesn't do them justice.