Chocolate Brown Calcite Polished Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Chocolate Calcite

Chocolate Calcite - Stone for Happiness and Peace

Chocolate Calcite is a fantastic stone for increasing your awareness of prosperity and opportunities for personal growth within your life. Working with this stone encourages pursuit of your heart's wishes and desires, and wanting to discover greater happiness in life. This stone is highly active and elevates a sense of personal responsibility and hope for your life. This stone can also help you recover memories and deepen your connection to memories that bring peace and your "happy place".

Chocolate Calcite is a dark brown like cocoa beans and can feature stripes or banding of a lighter brown or tan.
You will receive one stone, your choice of size:

Small: 0.7"- 1" in length
Medium: 1"- 1.2" in length
Large: 1.2"- 1.5" in length

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Gorgeous and gemmy

Very pleasant and peaceful energy, gemmy quality. Arrived fast in a cute little box with a free gift. Lovely experience with this shop and definitely will be ordering more. Highly recommend!