Chestnut Jasper Tumbled Polished Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Chestnut Jasper

Stone for Earth Grounding

Chestnut Jasper is a gemstone for grounding to the Earth's energy and opening your Chakras to alignment and harmony. Chestnut Jasper is a peaceful and passive gemstone that helps you filter negative energy from you and open your mind. This gemstone is active and does well when meditated with. Chestnut Jasper is a lovely stone that works well along quartz and other jaspers for crystal work.

Chestnut Jasper is marked with streaks of red, dark-red, tan, and brown.


You will receive one stone between 1"-1.25" on the longest side.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Bliss
Chestnut Jasper

Another winner! This one is very nice. So glad I purchased it!

I love everything about this gemstone! It's beautiful!

I love the color of this gemstone, really beautiful! It's a gorgeous shade of red! The photo shows it as more like an orange, but it's red!