Citrine Natural Crystal Chips Bottle - One Bottle

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These delightful glass bottles full of Citrine crystal chips are a great way to bring a little sunlight into your spiritual space. In varying shades of yellow-gold, Citrine is a wonderful crystal for anyone looking to surround themselves with positivity and cleansing energy. Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, joy, and prosperity, Citrine makes the perfect gift for anyone who desires the blessings of abundance. These crystal chips come in a dainty glass bottle that can be used as home decor, added to your altar space, or wire wrapped for use as a pendant, making it easy to spread the many spiritual powers of Citrine throughout your life.

Citrine is a gemstone of solar energy, and is tied to the Fire Element. This makes it an exquisite crystal for cleansing away negativity and clearing blockages, bringing the opportunity for positive power to surround us. Citrine is a gemstone of opportunity, wealth, and joyful emotion, offering encouragement and protection in times of spiritual upheaval.

Crystal chips are an amazing and versatile tool, easy to add to your altar space as part of a spell jar, mini crystal grid, or in a vessel (like a bottle or shell). They can be used to make jewelry or other crafts, or displayed as part of your home decor. Crystal chips have endless potential, and are popular with crystal collectors across the globe!

Product Information: 
You will receive one glass bottle of Citrine chips. Bottles measure approximately 1.6 - 1.75 Inch tall depending on how far the cork extends from the neck of the bottle. Bottles contain approximately 10 - 11 grams of chips.

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Bought as a gift for someone's birthday. She's happy

Stacy Lawrence
Exactly what I wanted

I needed these citrine chips for a spell bottle I was making for Ostara. The cork was difficult to remove, (maybe it's not meant to be) and broke off in the bottle. The bottle neck was a tad too small for what I intended so I ended up fishing the broken cork out and replacing it with a similar sized cork I already had. The citrine worked fine and now I have a cute bottle that's still half full for my next project. The shipping time was perfectly reasonable, and I got two free stones as a gift. Quite happy, will definitely recommend.

Jesse Carpenter

Citrine Gemstone Chip Bottle

Nona Crowe

The citrine is lovely and it was exactly what I was looking for from my order!


I found the citrine chips to be nice. I was hoping they would be slightly larger but otherwise very nice. They also arrived fairly quickly.