Crappy Co-Worker Pocket Stone Duo - Two Intuitively Selected Gemstones with a Pouch

You will receive two (2) Intuitively Chosen gemstones from the list below, with a small pouch for carrying them. Pouch style, color, and material may vary.

Each gemstone measures approximately 0.4" - 1" in size, for easy carrying within the pouch. Stones may be tumbled or raw.

Photo indicates an example of stone types that may be used, but does not indicate the full range. Please see the list below for the stones which may be featured in your set. Stones are intuitively chosen based on availability and are not subject to request.

Natural gemstones may feature dips, inclusions, or shapes which are consistent with their growth pattern.  Stone list may feature manmade or enhanced stones (Example: Goldstone, Opalite, Turquenite).

Crappy Co-Worker Pocket Stone Set

Staying Positive and Patient, Opening Avenues of Reconciliation, & Shielding from Negativity

This two-stone pocket set is geared toward those who may be experiencing negativity and tension with the people in their lives, whether at work, school, in team sports, social settings, or even across the dinner table. It can be hard when we don't see eye-to-eye with others, but the stones chosen for your set will assist in keeping you positive, deflecting the negativity or malicious energies of others, and building an expanded perspective that allows you to focus on your own goals and wellbeing.

Keep these stones by your bedside, place them on your desk, hold them gently while in a soothing space, use them in crystal grids, or add them to your stone collection and engage in some well deserved self-care!

Gemstone List:

Two (2) tumbled or raw stones from the list below will be chosen intuitively for your set, based on their availability!

Black Tourmaline

Blue Goldstone



Fancy Jasper

Lava Stone

Moss Agate



Red Jasper

Rose Quartz

Tiger Eye

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vanessa Nichols
Hubby says it helps

I purchased this for the hub. He says it has helped a lot. Thank you 😊

Angela B
Perfect combination

The rose quartz was a little light, but in contrast with the black tourmaline was just right for this. They made great company when I had a rough day recently.

Heather Scarella
Crappy coworker perfect name

I have a crappy coworker and will be wearing these 2 stones in my pocket to keep her bad energy away from me!