Desert Selenite Rose Natural Cluster

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Desert Rose Gemstone

Stone for Angelic Power

Desert Rose or Selenite Rose is a fantasic stone for working with when you want to identify and connect with Angelic or ethereal energies. Desert Rose is a crystal to use when you want to clear your mind, create an ethereal atmosphere around you, and tuning into the higher vibrations and intuitive powers of the Universe. Desert Rose is a stone for achieving peace, grace and happiness from deep within the soul and allowing that energy to positively flow through your 3 bodies in unison. This stone is often overlooked but has a strong vibration to the Angelic realm.

Desert Rose looks like a stone flower and can be mostly tan, or tan in white in color.

You will receive one stone in your choice of size.  These sizes are approximate and your cluster may be slightly smaller or larger than the 

Mini (.5" - 1")

Mini Unusual (.5" - 1") These are the pieces that have grown together to form multiple attached cluster or clusters with corners missing.

Small (1" - 1.5")

Medium (1.5" - 2")

Large (2" - 2.5").

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Customer Reviews

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Desert Rose

This Gem is absolutely beautiful. I have bought many Crystals from your shop and I’ve never been disappointed. Thank you

Desert Selenite Rose Natural Cluster

I’m so excited about this stone❣️❣️❣️ Much better in your hand, or in front of your face 🤩
If ever you feel like your missing something, purchase this stone❣️🤩❣️🤩❣️ Your going to LOVE it❤️🤩❤️


Desert Selenite Rose Natural Cluster

💕Desert Rose💕

I really love Desert Roses. I love how they look like frosted mini wheats. I didn’t even know they were a form/variation of Selenite.... I don’t see the resemblance! I got a ‘mini’ size one, which actually ended up being bigger than I expected it to be :) . Very nice specimen for the price.


My Desert Selenite Rose cluster is GORGEOUS! What a perfect specimen! I continue to be impressed with the beauty and selection of stones and gems received from CGS. I have been back two additional time for more!