Dragon Stone Natural Raw Rough Gemstone - Single Stone

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See the power and beauty of the raw and natural dragon stone! This green beauty features splotches of red, and it is an excellent option for crystal decor. Or maybe you're looking for a new stone to add to your own dragon horde <3 

The specific colors associated with Dragon Stone are Green, Red, Venusian-Green, Blood Red, and Olive Green.

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Dragon Stone Gemstone

Dragon Stone is an incredible gemstone that legend says is the fossilized remains of ancient dragons (green as the skin, red as the blood). Dragon Stone stimulates the core of your primal energy and can bring you lucid dreams of the ancient past. Dragon Stone attracts prosperity, good luck, and wealth to all areas of your life. This gemstone aligns you with the Element of Earth and instills the foundation for focus, determination, and willpower. Working with Dragon Stone helps you connect to your inner warrior and adventurer. This is an energetic & fun stone that always brings surprising and exciting results.

Dragon Stone is a mixture of hues of green and dark red. It is also known as Dragon Blood Jasper.

Some crystal healers associate Dragon Stone with certain planets and zodiac signs. According to their belief, Dragon Stone is connected to the planet Earth and zodiac signs Gemini and Sagittarius.

Dragon Stone is a crystal believed by some crystal healers to possess powerful properties that can unlock and activate the heart. It is composed of a combination of Piemontite and Epidote, and it is thought to have the ability to strengthen and revitalize the heart while also promoting emotional healing.

Those who believe in the power of Dragon Stone claim that it can harmonize the mind, heart, and soul, leading to a sense of unity and authenticity. It is believed that the crystal's vibrations can infuse the heart with love, courage, and power, which can help individuals on their personal growth and self-improvement journey.

Crystal healers also believe that Epidote, a component of Dragon Stone, attracts the energy we emit into the world. This is similar to karma and encourages people to be mindful of their energy.

Some also claim that Dragon Stone can be used as a tool for manifestation, as it is believed to channel intentions and help individuals achieve their goals with determination. It is also believed that the crystal can be used in meditation to promote inner exploration and healing by placing it on the heart and synchronizing the rhythm of our heartbeat with its energy.

In meditation, crystal practitioners claim that Dragon Stone becomes an ally for inner exploration and healing. They claim transformative energies flow through our entire being, rejuvenating our spirit and permeating every inch of our existence while one meditates with dragon stone.

Dragon Stone is associated with the elements of Water, Earth, and Wind.

While these beliefs are not scientifically proven, many individuals who use crystals find them to be helpful tools for promoting emotional well-being and personal growth. Dragon Stone holds profound meaning and energy within its luminous depths. This extraordinary stone serves as a key to unlocking and activating the heart. With its captivating blend of Piemontite and Epidote, Dragon Stone possesses the remarkable ability to strengthen and rejuvenate the heart, while also fostering healing within the emotional body.

These rough Dragon Stones measure approximately 1.25" - 3" on the longest side. 

The Power of Dragons

Dragon Stone crystals are said to have a metaphysical meaning linked with power, prosperity, and concentration. In a raw form, the epidote and piemontite of Dragon Stone becomes even more apparent. It is a common misconception that they are formed with or from jasper, but this is not true.

Getting a Dragon

If you are fond of Dragon Stones, then you might like Epidote or Bloodstone. At Crystal Gemstone Shop, we always want you to find exactly what you are looking for and to help you build the best gemstone collection you can!

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Shaylee Gilner

Dragon Stone Natural Rough Gemstone - Single Stone


Dragon Stone Natural Rough Gemstone - Single Stone

Mystical even in the raw; beautiful coloration & excellent size and cut.

I feel so mystical and untouchable owning this! Something about the raw dragon stone... immaculate with powerful connotation. Beautiful colorations. Excellent size and cut. Perfect quality for my collection, thank you!

K Rolfson
Exactly what I was looking for

Exactly what I was looking for

Chelsea A. Kidd

I ordered two crystals and I literally just opened the package. One was a little smaller than I expected and the other was much bigger. Not complaining, I absolutely love them! They are both GORGEOUS! And I always love the free gifts!