Dragon Stone - Dragon Blood Jasper - Polished Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Dragon Stone Gemstone

Stone of Prehistoric Draconic Power

Dragon Stone is an incredible gemstone that legend says is the fossilized remains of ancient dragons (green as the skin, red as the blood). Dragon Stone stimulates the core of your primal energy and can bring you lucid dreams of the ancient past. Dragon Stone attracts prosperity, good luck and wealth to all areas of your life. This gemstone aligns you the the Element of Earth and instills the foundation for focus, determination and willpower. Working with Dragon Stone helps you connect to your inner warrior and adventurer. This is an energetic & fun stone that always brings surprising and exciting results.

Dragon Stone is a mixture of hues of green and dark brown-red. It is also sometimes known as Dragon Blood Stone or Dragon Blood Jasper. Each piece is unique, and some specimens may contain a great deal of red "blood", or very little. When included by Quartz, this stone pairs the warrior's strength of Dragon Stone with the mental clarity and focus of Quartz.  

You will receive one stone in the size range and type that you have chosen. Specimens may feature dips or divots consistent with the growth pattern of the stone.

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Customer Reviews

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Virginia Khan
Beautiful but expected more red

I want to order another one in the future in hopes it has more red, but still a beautifully polished stone!

Haley La Barge
Amazing stone

My girlfriend is the one who is into stones and she bought these for me. It is amazing the stones she got me. The packaging was also extremely nice.

Cody Starkey-Bratton
Great stones

Great quality and on time.

Frog Shoenfelt

Beautiful stone! Absolutely love it!

Roxanne Campbell
Dragon Stones

So happy, my stones are beautiful, color vivid and service fast, packaging secure and safe for stone protection very happy, thank you will definitely shop more 👍👍