Green Included Quartz Tumbled Gemstone - Single Stone

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This Green Included Quartz Tumbled Gemstone is a great addition to any boho or home decor setup. If you're looking for something to add to your crystal collection, then you should consider this stone!

These green included quartz tumbled gemstones measure approximately 0.75" - 1.25" long.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, and Meaning of Emerald Green Included Quartz

 Included Quartz is a tremendous gemstone that helps you to discover what you are truly capable of. It provides immense clarity for your supernatural abilities and creates a sense of purpose and true thoughtfulness. Green Quartz, in particular, is tied to matters of the heart, areas of personal growth, and emotional healing. Green Included Quartz helps us to remain compassionate (to ourselves and others) and to build strong connections of community, family, friendship, and romantic love. Green Quartz assists in letting go of negative emotions and energies that block our path to success and joy. It reminds us that we are all on our own journey and that we should emanate the same kindness and generosity that we wish to experience. This clarity of mind and openness of heart naturally attracts abundance, opening doors to new experiences, opportunities, and avenues of prosperity. Emerald Green Included Quartz promotes acceptance, respect, and altruism focused on building a better world as well as a better self.

Green Quartz derives its color from natural inclusions within the stone, which can appear as green flecks within clear or white quartz or as a pale-green haze that suffuses the stone. As with all forms of Quartz, it may exhibit natural internal fractures or inclusions of other minerals.

There is a belief among some crystal healers that meditating with Green Quartz can help us discover our innermost desires. According to this belief, Green Quartz creates a peaceful and introspective environment that encourages us to explore our hearts with openness and honesty. This crystal is thought to act as a conduit that helps us uncover our true desires from within.

During this meditative practice, Green Quartz is said to help us evaluate our desires and determine whether they align with our values and higher purpose. By reflecting on our desires, we can separate those that may be holding us back from those that can guide us on our life journey.

Many crystal healers believe that Green Quartz has a special quality that can positively affect the environment it's placed in. According to their beliefs, Green Quartz can create a harmonious and pleasant energy by placing it strategically in different locations within a room. They also believe that the positive energy emanating from Green Quartz can have a nurturing and vibrant impact on the overall atmosphere, while amplifying feelings of tranquility and connection with nature. Many crystal practitioners find comfort in the presence of Green Quartz crystals and believe it can help cultivate a more balanced and thriving environment.

It is important to note that there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. However, for those who believe in the power of crystal healing, meditating with Green Quartz can be a valuable tool for self-reflection and personal growth.

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Green with envy

I love everything about this crystal. It’s a beautiful light green and has incredible energy.

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Owl Wheat
Amazing big boy!

Big boy stone! Amazing! Thank you!