Faceted Polished Garnet Natural Tumbled Stone - Multiple Sizes!

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Discover the beauty of the Faceted Polished Garnet Gemstone! A crystal of dreams and wishes, this sparkling stone is the perfect way to spruce up any crystal decor. With multiple sizes to choose from, your wish for faceted garnet is only a few clicks away!

You will receive one faceted Garnet in the approximate size range you have chosen.

These are made of natural Garnet and may exhibit the internal fractures that Garnet is known for as part of its growth pattern. They may also have small inclusions of matrix.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, and Meaning of Garnet

Stone of Wishes, Dreams & Protection

Garnet is a stone that is multi-faceted in its powers. It resonates with your life essence while providing a natural field of protection against the malicious, supernatural forces of the world. For those who have supernatural abilities, Garnet acts like a natural stimulation and will bring all gifts to the surface. This gemstone can help you to manifest many things, including your natural talents and gifts, your wishes & dreams, and what you need most for success in life. The more you work with Garnet the more you find how intently it aids you in the realization and utilization of your paranormal gifts.

Garnet is known for its internal fractures and facets, which show beautifully when the stone is held to strong light sources. Garnet can form in many different colors, such as orange (Hessonite or Spessartite Garnet) or green (Grossular Garnet), but it is most known for being a range of pinks, reds, and deep burgundies.

Garnet is a traditional gift for the 2nd and 18th wedding anniversaries, symbolizing good fortune, love, and loyalty.

In terms of history, Garnet served a dual purpose as both a spiritual amulet and decorative jewelry. It was used as a protective amulet by trade smiths, travelers, and noblemen. Additionally, garnet adorned weaponry, signet rings, and other jewelry items, adding to its ornamental value. The combination of its spiritual significance and aesthetic appeal made garnet a popular choice for both protection and decorative purposes to various people in history.

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Absolutely stunning garnet

The color is absolutely stunning and pictures don’t do it justice!!

Kevin Kessler
Very high quality! Gem came in the middle...

Very high quality! Gem came in the middle of the described weight range

Joan Kearns

Faceted Polished Garnet Gemstone

Brenda Gomez
Faceted Garnet

One of the best garnets I've seen. I ordered a large size and was very pleased.

Wendy Jo Davis
Gorgeous Garnet!!

I was pleasantly surprised when I unwrapped my beautiful faceted polished garnet! Great size, lovely deep color, nice cuts! <3 Love the gift packaging and info inserts too! :)