Gold Yellow Apatite Natural Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Yellow Apatite

Stone for Enlightenment

Yellow Apatite (Golden Apatite) is an extremely active gemstone that motivates you to go after what you want in life. The stone opens your mind and expands your consciousness to understand enlightenment and greater powers within the Universe. Apatite is a manifesting stone that provides you a positive outlook for every path in life. The stone bring hope, passion, excitement, and trust from within so you feel free to reach for grander goals in your life. This stone provides tremendous insight with compassion and confidence. This gemstone gives you the grace to take positive, new risks in life.

Apatite is a translucent stone that comes in green, yellow, blue, pink, violet, brown and rarely colorless. The varying degrees of density of color ranges from very weak to vibrant.

You will receive one stone your choice of size: 

Mini: 0.2"-0.5"

Small: 0.5"-0.75"

Medium: 0.75"-1"

Large: 1"-1.2"

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Customer Reviews

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Janice Sandt

I love my Gold/Yellow Apatite. All the crystals I receive are always fantastic.

Heather Burnell
I love this shop

The crystal gem shop has a great selection and their customer service is very good. There's a quick turnaround with shipping and you get just what you ordered.

Carolanne Stauer
Yellow apatite

The stones were clear but they appeared to be smaller then they looked in the pic

Jessica Vreeland
Great quality

The stone was beautiful as expected!

Krishan Fraites

Spectacular quality 👌