Green Rainforest Rhyolite Natural Tumbled Stone - One Stone

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Our Green Rhyolite tumbled stones are each wonderfully unique, full of texture and pattern straight from Mother Earth. Rhyolite polished stones contain natural dips from the way the stone formed, and some feature pockets of Chalcedony, Quartz, or Agate where even more gemstones began to grow! It's no wonder that Rhyolite is considered a stone for opportunity, manifestation, and wish granting when it is full of so many natural wonders.

Rhyolite is a go-to gemstone for those who want to focus on personal success, overcoming obstacles, and cultivating self confidence. It is a gemstone for going after what you want and creating your own set of ideal circumstances. Work with Rhyolite when you are pursuing career advancement, looking to fulfill your goals, or want to manifest positive personal evolution.

Rhyolite comes in many colors, and is known for its bubbled and layered appearance, usually showing dips or small caverns due to its natural growth pattern. It often features Quartz, Agate, or Chalcedony inclusions in the form of bubbles or pockets. The most well-known forms of Rhyolite are Green and Brown Rhyolite, which are sometimes called Rainforest Jasper (although it is not a Jasper), Rainforest Rhyolite, Agatized Rhyolite, or Spherulitic Rhyolite.

Product Information:
These Green Rainforest Rhyolite tumbled stones measure approximately 0.75 - 1.1 inch long.

Our Rhyolite tumbled stones are natural crystals and feature dips, pockets, or irregular shaping in some cases. This batch of Rhyolite may feature other colors, but is primarily shades of green.

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Debbie Dimler
They understood the assignment.

Every single order I place with this shop, they get it right. The freebies are fabulous. I have bought several times from them and will continue to do so.


Gorgeous Gorgeous! LoVe the store ❤️


Very nice gemstone and at an affordable price. Shipping was fast.

Stacy Roob
Beautiful stone. Exactly as pictured & des...

Beautiful stone. Exactly as pictured & described. Extremely well packaged and fast shipping. Thank you for the bonuses!

Gena DeMacedo

I love this crystal it is so beautiful!! Came faster than expected and is packaged perfectly! 10/10 would buy again!