Hematite Polished Gemstone Phallus - Multiple Sizes!

The phallus is a symbol of virility, courage, and stamina.  An ancient symbol carved as talismans, statues, jewelry, and emblems on textiles, the phallus has been attributed to gods, fertility, warrior status, and the strength of a civilization.  The phallus continues to represent the male element as a timeless symbol.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Hematite

Stone of Purity

Hematite is an amazing gemstone that absorbs the negative energies from within your 3 bodies and transforms it into positive energy that can be shared in the atmosphere around you. When held it soothes and calms raw nerves and will ground you through your Root Chakra. If you are someone with a lot of responsibilities in your daily life you will discover how powerful hematite is with balancing and resolve harried schedules. For the busy citizens of Earth there is little doubt hematite is a valuable gemstone.

Hematite is a silver, metallic looking stone that has a high gloss. Hematite is surprisingly heavy compared to other gemstones.

You will receive one phallus in the approximate size you have chosen. 

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Just all around an amazing product and the care of the items were 100%

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I received many items in my order, I was very surprised at the quality based on the price. Will buy from again.

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