Hyalite Opal Water Stone Natural Raw Rough Gemstone By the Gram

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Size 3 Gram Bag
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You will receive one bag of Hyalite Opal pieces, weighing approximately 3 grams. Photos in hand show approximately 3 grams, with large pieces versus with smaller pieces.

Amount of pieces in each bag varies, as these are sold by weight. Each bag typically contains between two and eight pieces, depending on size.

These specimens fluoresce under Shortwave (200-254nm) UV light, as shown in photo. Specimens are small pieces and shards, measuring approximately 3mm - 15mm.  These are natural unpolished shards.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, and Meaning of Hyalite Opal

Hyalite is a stone of delicate and tender energy, emanating a sense of purity and innocence, and is known for its emotional and spiritual healing properties. Hyalite Opal is a stone of cleansing and soothing, clearing away blockages and psychic wounds to provide a renewed clarity and awareness. The troubling, chaotic energies that build up in all of us are no match for Hyalite Opal, which helps to wash them away, promoting inner calm and heightened intuition. If you are looking to quiet an overactive thought cycle, ease emotional wounds, or boost your psychic abilities, Hyalite Opal is an excellent stone to work with. Those who wish to strengthen their clairvoyance or clairaudience will find Hyalite Opal is a potent focal stone to keep nearby. 

Hyalite is a variant of Opal, and is usually found as a colorless, cream, white, or yellow-orange growth. It does not exhibit fire, but has a delightful botryoidal or globular growth pattern and can fluoresce under Shortwave light. It is also called Water Opal, Water Stone, Jalite, or Muller's Glass.

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Beautiful stone

Beautiful, Tiny Pieces

I could feel the unique energy of these stones once unwrapped. Three small pieces came in a 3-gram bag, each uniquely beautiful. They definitely look like "water stones" now that I've seen them (which ilI did not at first understand) def makes sense. Two of the three stones still had some botryoidal structure that looked so intricate, like pieces from a miniature world. Very happy with this purchase!



Sidney Cohen
Good samples but smaller than expected

They're very pretty and very clear. I like the bubble-like formations.

Sonia Konopelski
These are interesting and beautiful.

These are interesting and beautiful.