Labradorite Gemstone Slice Slab

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Labradorite

Stone for Waking Magical Power

Labradorite is the stone of waking magickal power from within. It naturally stimulates and draws to the surface your amazing power as related to spirituality, mysticism, magick and the paranormal. You will discover hidden talents and magick within yourself as labradorite leaves no stone unturned when in your presence. Labradorite can spawn prophetic visions, align you with telepathic power, awaken your clairvoyant abilities, and make you a far more powerful psychic. The influence of labradorite abounds like a mystical beacon that distinctly empowers your supernatural gifts.

Labradorite is a greyish stone that has gorgeous flashes of blue, green and gold lurking beneath its surface. It looks as though supernatural fire is trapped beneath the stone.

You will receive one labradorite slab of your choice of size, between 1 1/2"-4" on the longest side. The size selection is approximate, your specimen may be slightly smaller or larger. We have flashier specimens which are priced according to the level of flash in the slab. Seconds Slabs have little to no flash.

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Customer Reviews

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When I first opened the package, the moment it caught the light, I GASPED it was so beautiful! Very happy with this stone <3

Labradorite Gemstone Slice Slab

Absolutely love my Labradorite Gemstone!! It's exactly what I expected it to be!! I also loved the packaging, you can tell it was done with so much love and care!! Thank you sooo very very much!! Happy Customer 🤗


Labradorite Gemstone Slice Slab

Beautiful Stone

Bought as a gift, the person who received it absolutely loved it!!


I was not pleased with this purchase. I'm sorry, I just don't like it. There is not much color in the piece. Was to be a 68th birthday gift for my husband. I will put it out in the garden, maybe it can bring some good energy to my plants. I wanted something beautiful, oh well.

Thank you so much for your honest feedback, and we never want you to be underwhelmed when it comes to our stones. We will send you a labradorite slice that your husband will very much love :) Please always let us know right away when you have any concerns so we can address them right away, we always want our customers to be in love with the stones we send!